10 May 2008

[liff] A Video For Saturday–Vintage '80s Hall and Oates

1537. A particularly neat and daydreamy video – "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid", Big Bam Boom. If I recall, the drpping-water-on-strings motif was used in more than one video during that time. Sort of a "micro" trend.

Absolutely love this video. Sold the song to me. The sparks flying off Hall's guitar midway through the verses are a very witty counterpoint. Simple genius.

(See it unclipped-on-the-right at Yahoo! Video here. Damn API won't let me scale the dam' thing down)

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Alan Bluehole said...

Mullet+Hairspray+Rain=Potential Disaster

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, look what it did to his brain when he finally got into the arena.

I mean, who needs LSD? B-)