10 May 2008

[design, bloggage] Great Blog Find: Creative Curio

1538. In a missive two or three back, I featured a list of traits under the rubric "You Know You're a Graphic Designer When", and did not really go on about the blog that also, propitiously, happened to be be attached to that very post.

The blog is Creative Curio. This was the blog I was thinking I'd make this one into, except, as the header image says, I'm a way too easily distracted culture vulture. I have been devouring this over the last several days, because there is little there but good, juicy, meaty knowledge there. Amongst the stuff I found on the front page just by arriving there today:

  • Using texture in the real world

  • The Free People website

  • Clever packaging from Yolo Colorhouse and Migros

  • Typography. Because, yum, typography

  • How to use scale.

And that's just on the first page.

Our suggestion: read it. At least subscribe to the RSS feed. Seriously.

The hostess is a sweetheart, too.

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LaurenMarie - Creative Curio said...

Samuel, you are too nice :) You made my day!!! Thank you!

You mentioned "yum, typography." Have you been to I Love Typography yet? HIGHLY recommended if you haven't. John has way better typography content than I do (could you have guessed??)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thank you, too. It makes me teh_happy when I read down a blog I've just stumbled on and it teaches me two or three things just by scanning it. Your blog is awesome like that.

I've checked out ILT since. Love. It!