28 May 2008

[design] Samuel John Klein's Poster Design Featured in 2008 Art Bistro Design Gallery


It was announced today that a design created by Samuel John Klein (that would be me) for a poster competition will be one of the featured designs in the May 2008 ArtBistro Design Gallery.

2004 CFAF Poster Contest EntryThe poster, (clicky to embiggen) designed to promote the Portland Community College Cascade Festival of African Films 2004 Series was developed using color, abstraction and type to convey a sense of passionate communication and a glimpse into a world that most of us will never see personally. The type was specifically designed to hook the viewer and engage them into the smaller textual content of the poster.

Africa is, of course, not a continent full of native tribal dancers. Selecting the main graphical image was something of of an obstacle; Africa contains a full range of cultural expression, just as much as any other continent. But the tribal dancer seems to express the same raw energy and passion that folk dance all over the world does, which can result in the best and highest of artistic expressions, culminating in films seen the world over.

Also, he was very inspiring and fun to render into a limited range of tones. Fashioning the headdress into an abstract pattern that "dissolved away" into the background was perhaps the most interesing thing.

The poster design is one of just eleven selected from amongst the thousands of ArtBistro members, such as cotourist and women's clothing designer Ana Segura.

The May 2008 ArtBistro Design Gallery can be seen here.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea you designed that! Very cool! I go to several films in the festival each year.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Sadly, Alan, it wasn't the one that won.

Yeah, I know!

Dale said...

Nice poster! Well done!

Judy said...

Very cool!

Aisleigh said...

Fantastic Poster design. The design and colors are more attractive.