27 May 2008

[modren_life] Wal-Mart Brings You The World, Incuding The Scorpion-y, Sting-y Parts

1574. (WPXI.com) In West Virginia, a young lady was injured ... by a scorpion sting.

On Sunday, 12-year-old Meagan Templeton was stung by the insect while shopping for watermelon at Wal-Mart in Barboursville near Huntington.
Meagan's father thought she was mistaken until Wal-Mart workers caught the scorpion so the family could take it to the hospital with them.

Apparently it snuck in in a shipment of fruit, most likely either bananas or watermelons.

Money quote courtesy Meagan's dad, living in denial until they found the critter:

There is no scorpions in West Virginia.

Being from an area of Oregon that had some backwards sorts in it, I'm qualified to opine: I believe that should be "There ain't no scorpions in West Virginia."

But apparently our scorpions is learning.

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1 comment:

Dale said...

Ah, dear sweet West Virginny. Where were you all those years I was casting about for someplace, anyplace, that would make Oklahoma seem worldly?