17 May 2008

[modren_times] Trajectory, or The Shout Heard Round The World (NSFW or Small Children Or Sensitive People)

1556. All times PDT.

12 May, 2008, about 0900: A YouTube User whose name is already lost to history posts found footage of famous Fox Noise blowhard Bill O'Reilly throwing a childish, Peabody-award-winning tantrum on the set of his soft-news show, Inside Edition.

That stuff on his head? Hair. Seriously!

12 May 2008, not too much later: YouTube takes down the video on demands from the redundantly-named CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

12 May 2008, a little later, but likely before noon: The net pwns CBS as it allows a million copies to bloom, notably on Gawker.

13 May 2008: BillO gets dance-remixed.

Later The Same Day: Satires starring the notional floor director debut (or what he should have said) on YouTube (and other humor places):

Sometime between 13 and 16 May: Busted Tees has the T-Shirt. $14.99. Orders placed will ship the 26th.

From around-the-world to on-your-chest in less than four days.

Dayum, the intermets is awesome like that.

Fun PDX Trivia: BillO anchored KATU-2 News back in '84 (via the For Portlanders Only media archive). Legend has it he was arrogant, snotty, and hard to get along with. Sort of like Lars Larson.

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