21 May 2008

[or_politik, us_politik, or_history] A Night On Which History Turned

1565. What A Night, Huh?

  1. The great state of Oregon fell hard for Barack Obama, as expected (ironically carrying the state despite not winning Multnomah County), and in doing so, put him over the top with respect to the majority of pledged delegates – and within 86 of the magic number (2,026). Now aren't you all glad that Oregon didn't move her primary?

  2. Jeff Merkley is going to take on Gordon Smith FTW in November. Steve Novick was gracious in defeat.

  3. Amanda Fritz (who we voted for (even though she never linked to our blog) and take as an inspiration that VOE can work when adults use it) is going to be a City Commissioner. Yay, Amanda, and Yay, Us!

  4. We finally got a chance to vote in Nick Fish. We wanted to vote for him last time, but he was running against Amanda, and we like Nick, but we like Amanda just a little more (nothing personal, Nick!). So, yay us again!

  5. Sam Adams ... the first openly gay mayor of a major American city, advocate for green transportation and things of that nature. Yes, I think the tram was a bad idea and the bike bridge was a colossal faux pas, but I also think he's up to the job, and we just plain like him.

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