14 May 2008

[or_life] Tales of the DMV–Good Service, More ID, Changing Times

1550. You may have heard that Oregon is now coming up with licenses that are valid for eight years, rather than four.

Juuuust fine. You thought license photos were unkind now. Stay beautful, bunkie; the next time you renew the face that's looking back at you will be the better part of a decade younger.

Anyway! The occasion of DL renewal always takes at least two trips for me. Usually I didn't bring along the one thing that I needed and we have to come back the next day. Not this time. I brought not only my old license (don't leave home without it) but also my birth certificat and my Social Security card. As it turned out, I was good as gold–brought along too much.

But that won't always be the case. As of the 1st of June, you'll be underdressed at the DMV if you don't have your Social Security card and your birth certificate. In fact, if we read our DMV documents right, you'll have to have them along if you want to transact any business involving licenses with the agency.

So if anyone out there doesn't have them, get 'em. You're gonna need them.

Of course, we remember when DMV changed its name to DMV. That's right – it used to be the Department of Motor Vehicles; now, its the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Dept. At least they saved money on changing those signs out. Also, they don't laminate your card right there any more. They laserprint you off a paper facsimile that can be folded into the size of a license ... and then mail you your license in about a week.

But seriously, if you have a question, just ask your friendly DMV contact person. The lady who served us was, seriously, very courteous and knowledgable, was quick on the answers, and looked over the documents I brought along and said that they would be good to go for the future. So, at least I have that then.

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