03 May 2008

[net_life] Of Course, We Knew They Were Totes Good For It...

1528. Yesterday, the Pizza Hut card arrived courtesy the folks at MyDamnChannel.com ...

The why of this is rather amusing. Recently I mentioned that I was drafted into the first class of MyDamnChannel "Co-Cons" and we had a little meet about a week back. What was cool about it was that they tried to make in an online pizza party by contacting local purveyors and having a cheese number delivered about the time of the online conference.

Sadly there were hitches. In NY, ya see, they just do this over the phone; here on the Upper Left, they demand credit card imprints (sort of an East Coast-West Coast hip-hop battle, except no battle, no hip-hop, add pizza delivery and credit card. Other than that, just the same).

Unnecessarily long story short, the pizza was a non-deliverable. But MyDamnChannel is a channel of their word, and perforce a $20 Pizza Hut card arrived just a couple days ago. Via DHL, which is, like, quite classy in the context.

Hats off to MyDamnChannel.com; I am a permanent fan now.

Also, You Suck At Photoshop is up for a Webby, for which voting has been closed and will announce on the 6th, because that's wicked funny; and the Big Fat Brain boys, who were profiled in Time, has the same profile posted at The Night Feed here.

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