07 October 2008

Are You Sure You Want To Send That Drunken Email? Really? Really-really?


Google introduces a little thing called Mail Goggles.

Lord, save us from the drunken email that we sent ... and we can't get back now. That cute little mission statement with the language you distributed to the entire firm with all the four letter words and the comments about your boss's progeny?

You'll be sweatin' that one on Monday morning. But if you just had this pop up:

... enough blood might flow back into your monkey-boy (or -girl) brain to enable that still, small voice that's saying "no" to get through to your R-complex. It defaults to late nights and weekends, but you can configure it for any little ol' time you want it to work.

Sir, step away from the internet!

Complete stuff here. If you use Gmail via a browser, this will be in your settings, under Labs. If you don't, just don't send email while you're drunk; do what the rest of us do – download bondage porn read random Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, and Encyclopeda Dramatica articles.

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