25 October 2008

On The Subject Of Web Design, This Must Be Said


I absolutely loath sites that automatically play you music.

Give it to me as an option, if you must, but make it default to off. I'm not coming to your web page to get an idea of your favorite music. My tastes are very narrow, and I won't likely enjoy it. You'll just drive me off.

If you absolutely must play the music, make the OFF switch real. easy. to. find. Don't make me scan down the page until I find your embedded player to mute it.

This all goes triple for Peter Cetera fans. Now, I don't have a problem with Pete and actually enjoy his music, but I remember The Peter Cetera Decade, otherwise known as the 1980s, where Pete's dulcet tones and AOR easy-listening stylings wafted from every damn wedding in every damn park in America.

I'm not asking Pete lovers to stop buying his music (nor for Pete to stop performing) but please let's just dial it back a bit.

End rant.

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