02 October 2008

A Sort Of Embarrassment Of Riches


Who knew that when Paul Bausch abruptly decommissioned ORBlogs, that we would actually wind up with more possiblities for community than before?

  • PORBlogs: Alan Cordle, one of my blogheroes, set up this to cover the Portland area. Originally limited to that, PorBlogs is now PORblogs, and will accept blog submissions from the entire state of Oregon and the Portland Metro area outside of Oregon (that means you, Clark County) ... all you have to do is ask. At this link.

  • IgnOregon: Kyle Ritter of Barfly took Paul Bausch's code and simply put up ignoregon.com, which is a bare-bones aggregator. Good for loading to keep up on the traffic overall. If this is what he does for temporary, I'm sure I'd find his permanent stuff rather intimidating (that sounds wierd, yes, but it gets the point across). And I love the joke invovled in the name.

  • And there is a brilliant group of people trying to get a new ORBlogs going (I think there's room for both PORBlogs and ORBlogs; I still say that a local aggregator can serve a local community with a level that a statewide aggegator cannot. That said, PORBlogs is actively accepting new listings, so if you want to get aggregated, you can go there now.

Seems that the passion on the PDX Blogging community is such that a good thing will not be allowed to go away. We all win.

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