17 October 2008

You Suck At Photoshop #19: The Exegesis Of Donnie Hoyle


You Suck at Photoshop #19 is here ... and things are looking awful dark in Donnie's Dark Night of the Soul, Or Whatever It Is He Has That He Uses For One.

Before we go into the video, though, they takeaway is also something I've been finding out more about; using Photoshop to do more than just geek your photos around. It's obvious perhaps to know that PS can be used to create art. What's not so obvious, however, is just how. Donnie gives us an idea in a tableau that includes Sn4tchbuckler, and avatar for the ex, the Shaggin' Wagon, (if the van is a-rockin, don't...your wife is getting drilled by some guy named Ricky) the Ring of Infinite Sorrows, an idea of just what was on those Flash drives, and Roger Leventhal making a surprise appearance as Bridget Jones the Cat (hey, get a grip people ... did you know "Lassie" was a dude? 'strewth!)

Anyway, to the unhappiness (oh, there's a 30-second ad on the front. Just deal. The entertainment value alone is worth waiting through a kind of "uh-oh" feeling ad for Swedish Fish candy):

See? What'd I tell ya? Comedy gold, loose ends converging, creepy mystery, and solid PS techniques all in one video. The Big Fat Brain institute fellow are geniuses. Evil? I don't know. Your mileage will vary there.

We also see that, in two weeks' time, 31 Oct (appropriately, given the trend of this series), YSAP Season 2 comes to a (very probably) sickening end. Will Donnie meet his end ... or an entirely new beginning again?

Trick rhetorical question. He's going to get it, good and hard (if I may paraphrase HL Mencken ... and I will, he can't stop me, 'cos he's dead. Look it up).

Well, I'll be there anyway.

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