03 October 2008

Hot Times In The Cold War; Print Design in the Age of the Atom


Gene Gable's columns for CreativePro.com (were some of my writing has actually appeared) are always a treat to view. Todays, especially so; a tale of fasciation and exhilaration with the mighty atom, moving into fear and loathing while everyone waited for the balloon to go up.

This LIFE magazine cover from 1962 (hotlinked from CreativePro) captures an awful lot of it:

1962 LIFE magazine cover from CreativePro.com

Everyone wanted to have a shelter of thier own in those days. It led to interesting stories in anthologies like The Twlight Zone, which more than once dared imagine what life would be like after The Bomb put a full stop on Life As We Knew it.

The article is here. I adore seeing artifacts of the time when scientists were heroes, and everyone seemed to believe that Science was so powerful that it could save us from the very things it seemed to create to possibly doom us.

They were simpler times.

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stan said...

"The Age of the Atom"

Appropriately, I first read this post on my MS Outlook feed reader, the text of which was, you guessed it, an Atom feed.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

See? It's so ironic, no? The Atom can destroy, build, provide power, and, apparently, give us news feeds.

I'm conflicted myself.