03 October 2008

Best. Type. Cartoon. Evar.


(via Extensis' Manage This)

Darth Vader. Only You Could Be So Bold.

The above was nicked off of the lively type and design blog Ironic Sans. Nothing much to say about this except that it's pretty much the best type joke I've ever seen.

I'd analyze, but that would ruin it. Just enjoy it, will you?

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Kelly Guimont said...

You forgot to mention that the post you linked to was one that linked back to you! I just saw the trackback and I'm glad someone else enjoyed that image as much as I did. :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Ah! Yes, you are perfectly correct, Kelly. My omission, mea culpa.

However, I did give a public shout out in the USC Type illo article, but I did leave the back-backlink out. Fixed!

NB: For those of you who just turned in, Kelly's original article at Manage This is here; My type commentary Kelly linked to, here.