03 October 2008

You Suck At Photoshop #18: Donnie, Annotated


It's Donnie time again. He returns from being on the run to find that half his house is a liquor store ... and that he has a nasty note to respond to.

In this case, he makes of it a Photoshop thing, and responds via the PS Annotation tool. Some of you may know the Annontation tool already, but did you know there's also an audio annotation tool? And did you know that you can export your annotated documents as a PDF so that all Adobe Reader users can pick up what you're putting down?

I hope Donnie picks up what they're putting down.

He must love trouble.

This episode is a bit weaker than most, but I suspect that the Big Fat Brain fellahs are setting the stage for a spectacular denouement in episode 10, so the storyline deserves a bit of service there. Still, what the Big Fat Institute does is just plain funnier on a bad day than most everyone else on a good day, so it's still a Big Win.

(look for the LOLcat during the file-opening part)

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