24 October 2008

How the Successful and Powerful are Different From You (Updated)


(via Pizza Delivery Stories) Well, if you're the Majority Leader in the Utah State Senate, you apparently berate a 24-year-old pizza delivery girl because her pizza joint won't take a check.

Class act, this fella.

It made the KTVX ABC4 news, actually.

In fairness, this happened in August. But the truth remains: It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice.

And this: Someone who may (or may not) have been John McCain's brother called 911 ... because he was stuck in traffic. And then, when he hung up on the Emergency Dispatcher Operator and she called back to explain that 911 wasn't for that (and having got his voice mail, had to leave a message) ... he moaned about that!

Shame traffic was gridlocked. They couldn't have gotten the waaahmbulance to him if they tried!

Update on that: Just heard on the rad-did-io that Joe McCain copped to it. Big ol' generous equivocating designed-to-be-sincere (which, therefore, does not sound sincere) "apology". There's only one proper response to abuse of emergency services personnel: "I'm sorry" and "I was wrong". For all he knew, he was preventing someone whose life was in peril from getting the help they needed.

And if you're aware of my political stripe, then, yes, I'd feel exactly the same of a Democrat who did the same thing. Nobody deserves a pass or a face-save from this. If you do it, you're wrong. Don't make an excuse.

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