12 October 2008

Portland Neighborhood Moves From the CENTER


CENTER neighborhood logoIt's not exactly news to some, but I think it's kind of cool that the Center Neighborhood's (NE 44th to 68th Avenues, and East Burnside Street north to the Battlefield Freeway) name was drawn from the initialism CENTER, standing for Citizens Engaged Now Toward Ecological Review. This is a wholly noble goal, and one which we approve of.

Trouble is, it's not in the center of everything, and just about everywhere in Portland, people think ecological review nearly all the time. The logo is a little dated as well; the calligraphy is beautiful, and the artwork is charming, but it clearly speaks of a time when evironmental awareness wasn't necessarily on everyone's mind.

They'll most likely be renaming themselves to North Tabor very soon now, or Rosemont perhaps (dialup warning: that link will download a 1 Megabyte PDF to you). I have no dog in this contest, but I like Rosemont better. Much more picturesque. North Tabor is accurate, but a little utilitarian.

And so it goes.

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