04 October 2008

I Got Nothin' Today ... but MyGermanClass.com


One of the regrets so far I have in life is that I didn't continue my German language studies under instruction when I had the chance. As I've probably established elsewhere in this blag, I'm descended from a long line of hard-working, honest, hopeful, somewhat depressed Germans. And, like most Germans, I'm rather smug about it.

Sadly, aside from a kick-ass last name and a few German-inspired family recipes, the ancestors forwarded almost no German culture to speak of ... not even, as is appropriately-pointed-out, the language (I did have a great-aunt who remembered dimly remembered the Weimar days and whose opinion of a certain mid-century German leader caused an argument amongst my Mom and aunts once which was funny (in the cosmic way, not the actual-humor way), but that's quite another program).

Fortunately, for those of us who want to get our Deutsch on but have no funds for lessons, there are free alternatives. There's more than one German-language self-instruction podcast on iTunes, and I'm subscribed to them, but one really stands out because it's goofy and fun.

The site is MyGermanClass.com, and your instructor is Clark Shah-Nelson. Erlauben Sie mir, Sie zu Herrn Nelson verzustellen, in an episode of the vastly underrated cooking show Kochen mit Herrn Nelson:

To anyone who has an orientation to the language, the value of watching someone use the language in action need not be stated. I simply enjoy listening to German, and Herr Nelson's unselfconscious on-screen antics help drive home the point with humor.

The site to get everything is MyGermanClass.com, which has all his vodcasts archived (iTunes doens't have it all). Which we proudly give the not-yet-coveted (but should be) Sehr gut! award.

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pril said...

Nur sehr gut? Ausgezeichnet!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Gut dann ... Ausgezeichnet ist es!

Danke schön, meine Freunde, Danke sehr schön!