28 October 2008

Obama/Merkley Horn Poll On I-5 Northbound at Brier Place, 7:30-9:00 AM Today


I'm posting this in obligation to an Obama supporter who identifies in the Thom Hartmann chat room as "Akamai".

On Monday morning, he was holding an Obama/Merkley banner so you northbound I-5 drives comin' into town to work passing under the Brier Place overpass (the overpass you go under as you come out of the Terwilliger Curves and start down the hill). I noticed him in the chat room after seeing him saying he was the one who did it, and I heard him calling in on the KPOJ Carl Wolfson show saying he was doing it.

I told him I'd be trying to get out and take a picture of it, but it looks like that won't happen.

If you're on the way into work on I-5 north coming in from the SW city and suburbs, give him mad ups for me!

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