26 December 2013

[art] A Henna Artist's Positive Ramble on Getting Unstuck and Creativity

Peep this, cats and kittens:

This positive, happy woman rambles on for about ten minutes and ten seconds (eleven, actually, but ten minutes and eleven seconds just doesn't fall as trippingly off the tongue) about being stuck as a henna artist and how to become unstuck as a henna artist. But, there's always a level of arting around that works universally, beyond, above, and below the obvious level of expression and art media.

This video has very good suggestions and ruminations about inspiration, looking, and being for not only henna artistes but any artist who feels 'stuck'. It's ramblin', but in the good way, most definitely.

She is, fortunately enough for me, someone I happen upon betimes in the workaday world. She's typically a very happy, dry-humored sort and if she brings that brio to her henna work, it's gotta be good.

She also has a blog (http://www.freehandmehndi.blogspot.com/) , a YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/FreeHandMehndi), and a Face-to-the-Book page (https://www.facebook.com/fhmhenna), which may be read and viewed and enjoyed.

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