04 December 2013

[art] What To Do With Your Uncalendar™ If You Aren't Really Collecting Clients Right Now

2973.The Uncalendar is my favoritist paper toy right now. It takes a head full of buzz and fuzz and tempts me to create order. Me and discipline have never been the best of friends.

But right now I'm back in Finnegan* mode, and am not exactly trying to crowd it with events and clients. So what to do? Well, since anything goes, and it's a nifty frame to hang things on

… idea scrapbook!

… a parking stub from OryCon 35, some randome thoughts pinned down and stunned with formaldehyde and displayed, and 2 versions of a logo concept.

… Samantha Phillips' SIG image, and some more notes.

The little graph about 2/3s of the way down the left-hand margin of the verso is serving as a checkmark. If the idea to create can be quantified, I can sum the number of checks in three activities: "Write" (diary primarily right now), "Blog" (you're looking at it, I can check it off!) and "Draw" (still trying to negate inertia there. Number of checmarks/21 gives a decimal fraction that will increase as I push myself to do more.

Get you some Uncalendar (why don't you guys have a FB? I'd like that so hard!)

* Finnegan mode: Beginning again.

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