26 December 2013

[OR_liff] Oregon: You Like Us, America, You Really Like Us!

Well, it looks like you're still lovin' us, America™.

Various outlets have released the findings of the United Van Lines 2013 Migration study, which I cannot yet find online but is available to some people somehow, and the word on the street, streets, roads, and freeways is that people is lubbin' Oregon more than anywhere else.

Generally, it shakes out that the most popular places to come to are all in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Cali … except for the Bay Area, where the rent, as they say, is too damn' high. Oregon, with 63 percent of all moving traffic being inbound, stands atop the peak this year. Hasn't done too shabbily in the last few years, usually ranking 2nd. Of cities in the last year, Portland is 7th most popular amongst the top 15.

Tom McCall's a-spinnin' in his grave right now, I'm certain.

The Biggest Loser in this moving parade?

New Jersey.

Love it or leave it.

I'm just hoping the nation doesn't love us to death. Seeing the sort of ideas that come into this state every year, I have my worries.

OTOH, if any new Oregonian would like to know how to be an Oregonian the right way, I'm available for consultation. I have a sliding fee scale; it does tend to slide easier one way than the other, however. Just sayin'.

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