10 December 2013

[art] What This Brony Can Teach You About Creativity and Community …

Yes, I said brony. 

Don't laugh, sit down and listen to Dr Wolf. He has a view about creativity and acquiring new hobbies that's worth listening to.

He starts out by telling you that it only takes about 20 hours to familiarize yourself with a new hobby to the point that you can start creating. This isn't much a surprise, at least not to any one of us (in which I count myself and many people I know, and I'm fortunate enough to know people who aren't satisfied just knowing what they know and doing only what they do) who's tried.

What really speaks to me is what Dr Wolf seems to have to say about learning the community around any given hobby, studying the connections, and then stepping into that playground to play. His ideas are universal, really; take out 'Brony community' and replace with 'drawing student community' or 'video-making community' and the reasoning is just as sound.

And if you do believe Friendship Is Magic, then there's lotsa cyooot pastel ponies to look at.

H/T Scott Sanford hither.

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