16 December 2013

[art] The Superheroine In the Produce Stand

NOTE: While the author of this blog much admires the artistic aptitude displayed herein, he makes no recommendation, positive or negative as to the professional service the artist offers, unless, of course, it's the art. Which is excellent.

In Portland, there's great art everywhere. You just have to stumble on it.

Allow me to set the scene. On SE Hawthorne Blvd, between SE 23rd and 24th Avenues, is a year-round produce stand under a tent. Kruger's Farm Market, one of three around Portland, and we were going by it and The Wife™was suddenly of a mind to see if she couldn't get a few things in the sweet potato form for some upcoming meals.

It was 7PM, they were open 'till 8. Strike while the produce stand is open, as I say.

While she busied herself with the selection I made my way to the back of the facility. There's what they have they call a "Community Board" with literature, ads from locals, sort of like that yellow-card board you see on the way to the men's and women's in the Fred Meyer except a lot more interesting. So, I'm browsing back there, looking at the publications (running the gamut from the interesting to the absurd) and the locally handmade crafts and things (same gamut), and I see this:

A purveyor of some service has created an ad and torn it from a sketchbook? Anyone who knows me knows I'm there. Let's look closer:

Artist and life coach. Okay. Looking over the ad, I can see I'm not exactly in the constituency for it, but still I get something from this. That art's pretty dam' good, yo. A powerful mermaid figure, with a generous and affectionate wink the viewer's direction. Well drawn and visually satisfying to look at, a cartoon with interesting mass and warm intention. And just plain gorgeous to look at.

We'll pull in a bit closer, because the note off the maid's left shoulder caught my eye and invited me in …

Note: (it reads) I draw better than this - but I didn't have an eraser. But, on the edit: I draw MUCH better than this … and I was boggled. If this is how good she draws without an eraser at hand, she must do some smashing work with one.

The hand-drawn (and lovingly lettered – the initial I in the website address has the most stylish swash going on, and was all deliberate even where it was slightly loose) notebook-page is the calling card, according to the text, of Shauna Washington, who's an artist and a life-coach whose web-address is http://innersuperheroinedesign.com. I, as I said, don't seem to be in the constituency for her professional service … but at least I can enjoy her art. Which apparently rocks. 

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Shauna Washington said...

Thank you kindly!! :-) (hug)