02 December 2013

[liff in PDX] Undocumented Immigrant Discovered In SE Portland Parking Lot!!!

2968.… and we found him ourselves. This is what what he looked like:

Now, before you go all nuh-uh!!!! on me, that goose was a Canada goose, and Canada's a foreign country (unless we've annexed it yet), and I didn't get a chance to search him, but I'll bet ya that handsome fella hasn't got one stick of ID on him.

Well, come to think of it, he's probably more of an undocumented migrant. 

Here's some footage of him stealing bread from good old, American red-white-n-blue geese:

Seriously, though, that is kind of a handsome guy, isn't he? He was hanging around the Franz bread outlet store, out on SE Foster Rd between 111th and 122nd, because bread, yo, and there were locals perfectly willing to throw him some food.

I've said the life is wild out here in outer SE Portland.

Case closed.

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