20 December 2013

[art] LineWorkNW Comics Festival in PDX: New, Small, Nice, Just the Right Price

Just stumbled to this on the Book'o'Face:

It's a good day, and it's a good price (free). I'm putting this on my calendar; I'm scheduling an artistic rebirth for the most of the year 2014, and I'll need all the inspiration I can get.

Here's LineWork in its own words:
Linework NW is a new illustration and comics festival taking place in Portland, Oregon. Linework NW’s goal is to focus attention on the creators who continue to inject new energy and vitality into these venerable mediums that share so much in common, whether their work is to be found in comic books, original art, graphic novels, prints, or other forms. Drawing upon a wealth of talent from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Linework NW seeks to cultivate a vibrant cultural experience for creators, readers, art lovers, and collectors alike. 
Where-ever great drawing happens, I want to be there. This would be that sort of place.

The Norse Hall is a rather historic Portland building located at the NE corner of NE 11th Avenue and Couch Street (on the Couplet). The exhibitors that have already committed seem more than worth the free price of going.

So, 12th of April '14, NE 11th and Couch. Free comics festival. It's a date, I tell's ya.

Visit on the web at http://lineworknw.tumblr.com/, Twitter at @LineworkNW, Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lineworkNW.

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