31 December 2013

[Out122ndWay] Starfleet's Own Ace Hardware Store - The USS Powell Villa

The Powell Villa is that old-school shopping center across from the Safeway at SE 122nd and Powell. And the Ace Hardware store that is there has been there for decades, so they say.

It has a tradition of service that comes down from the stars, and is highly … logical.

That's the USS Powell Villa, Captain Shawn-Luc Picard commanding.

Heck, I didn't even know they were cousins. Live and learn.

My wife goes there when she wants fasteners and such for small fixes, and I go there to get that delicious hardware-store popcorn (the only thing better is movie-theater popcorn, and I stand in fear of no contradiction here, in as much as the secret ingredient is it's free!) from the replicator.

Oh, they call it a popcorn machine, but who do they think they're fooling?

It's been broke down the last couple of times, so someone from engineering best get on that. This is a hardware store, though. How hard can that be?

The hull number is the store's ID number, so they say. I say it's the holodeck program file code. Like I said, they ain't foolin' nobody.

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