27 November 2007

[design, logo_design] Channel 2's

1155. Ever wonder what thier Channel 2 looks like?

So did I. Here's what I found (dialup warning–metric buttload of images follow):

Well, all of you who are Painfully Portland (like me) already know this one:

Here's KBCI Channel 2, Boise (before and after the recent rebranding):

KCBS, Channel 2, Los Angeles:

KDKA, Channel 2, Pittsburgh (a "K" station east of the Mississippi):

KGAN Channel 2, Cedar Rapids Iowa:

KHON Channel 2, Honolulu:

KJRH Channel 2, Tulsa:

KPRC Channel 2, Houston (aren't they perky?):

... although that fellow on the far left pretty much defines the phrase gimlet-eyed gaze.

KTUU Channel 2, Anchorage:

KTVI Channel 2, Saint Louis:

KTVN Channel 2, Reno:

KTVU Channel 2, San Francisco:

KUTV Channel 2, Salt Lake City:

KWGN, Channel 2, Denver:

TPT (Twin Cities Public Television), Minnesota. Has Channel 2 and 17:

WBAY, Channel 2, Green Bay and Fox River Valley, Wisconsin:

WBBM, Chicago's Legendary CBS O&O Channel 2:

WCBD, Channel 2, Charleston South Carolina:

WCBS, Channel 2, New York City–CBS's east coast flagship:

WDTN, Channel 2, Dayton and Miami Valley Ohio;

WESH, Channel 2, Orlando:

WFMY, Channel 2, Winston-Salem NC:

The famous public television station WGBH, Boston, broadcasts on Channel 2 (the GBH, it turns out, means Great Blue Hill, where some of its facilities are (or were) located:

WGRZ Channel 2, Buffalo and western New York:

I found a lot of stations that are "On Your Side". It's gettin' crowded up in here.

WJBK Channel 2, Detroit:

WKRN Channel 2, Nashville:

WKTV Channel 2, Utica NY:

WLBZ Channel 2, Bangor ME:

WMAR Channel 2, Baltimore (the only Channel 2 so far that wears its ABC affilation loud and proud:

ABC Works 2 for you? I donno ...

WPBT, Channel 2, Miami (PBS):

WSB Channel 2, Atlanta:

And here's an oddity: XHRIO, Channel 2, Brownsville and Lower Rio Grande valley, TX. Stuidos and offices in McAllen Texas–licenced to Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico:


That's all we have here for now. Overall, every logo that makes a punch with me takes the numeral and makes it the "star" or makes it very strong within the logo context. I have my favorites, but I'll leave it open to the reader which they like best–after all, the subjective interpretation is where any logo makes its success (maybe this is why I want to design one so much).

Thoughts? Kvetches? Comment away!

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Ben said...

I really do love KATU's new swan.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

It is teh coolness, I do agree. I enjoy the new news openings as well.