26 November 2007

[design, urban design] The New Sellwood Bridge?

1153. (Via BikePortland) We've seen the future of the old Sellwood Bridge, and we like what we see.

There are some gorgeous design thoughts happening, everything from cable-stayed to through-arch for the higher-priced options to a beguiling delta-frame bridge and a simple box-girder design that, while relatively plain next to the other glamour-pusses, is still elegantly-designed. Here's the rundown of concept imagery, nicked wholesale from the Sellwood Bridge Project's site:

The Sellwood Bridge Project is running a survey right now on these visual design options. The BikePortland blog suggests we take it, and we endorse that suggestion. Just go the home page there and look for the splash graphic at the top of the right sidebar. It won't take long.

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