30 November 2007

[pdx_transit] TriMet TV #7: A Ride on the #20

1163. TriMet TV episode 7 is out, and it's a ride on the #20-Burnside/Stark line.

This episode is in the travelogue mode. The #20 line runs from Beaverton Transit Center, via Cedar Hills Blvd, Sunset TC and Barnes Rd, then down Burnside from the crest of the hill all the way out to Gateway TC, then out Burnside to Gresham. The episode is light on info for the real local, but has a nice flow to it and ticks off the things you can do and see and go to which are right on the line (Mt Hood Community College, Powell's Books) and just off it via the Streetcar (Classical Chinese Garden, The Pearl).

This vod is really for the tourist–and people like me, who like buses. But withal the production value is right where it should be, and makes a pretty nice calling-card and invitation to try for the tourist or the local looking for a little transit based adventure.

You can watch it (again, less than three minutes, won't waste much of your time) here.

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