22 November 2007

[pdx] Okay, Which Portland Is This?

1143. This Portland sits on a major waterway, and in two counties. Of Portland's corprorate area, 27% of it is in one of the two counties, moreover, that 27% is 100% in that neighboring county.

We'll bet people grow roses there too, but chances are, they may be some sunny shade of yellow.

Which Portland is this?

Pril knocked this one out of the park; it's Portland, Texas. More riddles to come.

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crallspace said...

Portland... MAINE!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

LOL-no, not Portland Maine.


pril said...

Portland TX on Corpus Christi Bay :P (pril)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Bang on target, Pril, with the correct guess of Portland, Texas.

It's a town on the north short of Corpus Christ Bay. The water part-about 30 percent of the city's territory–is completely within Neuces County TX, whose boundary is apparently the low tide shore line.

It's a cute little town, with a population of only about 20K.

Was it the yellow rose line that gave it away?

pril said...

the yellow rose, and that my mom lived in CC for years and likes to tell me about it still

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Your mom lived in CC...how about that. I mean, what are the odds?

She must find the fact that we have this big ol' Portland in Oregon kind of funny.

I always thought "Corpus Christi" was a pretty cool name for a town. And "Portland, Texas" has a pretty funny ring to it.