21 November 2007

[pdx, pdx_politik] The Chavez Revolutions

1140. What was amazing about is that it all fell down like a house of cards. According to Witigonen and the Merc:

  1. Mayor Tom's proposal to rename Interstate Avenue went down, 3-2.
  2. Saltzman moved to table the process-revision vote in favor of settlling the SW 4th renaming issue.
  3. Council approved the tabling.
  4. Unanimous rejection of the proposal to rename SW 4th on reconsideration.

The discussion has been rebooted, if we care to have it. The only things we aren't getting back are the time and energy expended in arguing over it (and we still can't tell if the lesson was learned that processes are there for a good reason, and taking shortcuts only breaks people's hearts in the end).

Personally, the lesson I think we've all learned here is: There's a Commissioner Saltzman here? That dude's so quiet, I forgot about him.

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