26 November 2007

[pdx] Now, Which Portland Is It?

1152. Nice going so far, people. I've got another one for you.

In this downtown Portland, Broadway and Main cross. On the north side of town, amazingly, there is still a Portland Boulevard, which is ironic because it's 1,824 miles closer to Montgomery than our Portland is. One of its newpapers is the local Leader, and the other is considered the Progressive, regardless of what you think of them. And, like our Portland, a short drive to the north end of town will bring you to the state line.

Which Portland is this?

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pril said...

Portland Alabammy!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


LOL, no, not that one.

Actually, I didn't know there was a Portland in Alabama. Found it on Google maps...there ain't nothing there but a curve in the road and a river bank.

That place must be sleepier than Snailem!

Very interesting guess though.