23 November 2007

[pdx] So, Which Portland Is This?

1145. Okay, folks, you've been quick and sharp so far. But I have another Portland here.

it has about 24,000 people to it,

It's served by rail.

it has a connection to a certain Lt. Dan.

Most importantly, it's not called Portland anymore.

What it its current name?

UPDATE: Stan guessed correctly. This Portland is known as Blue Island, IL. More, as they say, to come.

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stan said...

Blue Island, Illinois

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

That's right, Stan. Blue Island Illinois, a city just a little south of Chicago, was originally called Portland, a change which I'm still trying to track down the why of.

The Lt. Dan reference, of course, is the character in Forrest Gump, who was played by Gary Sinise, who comes from Blue Island.

Ironically there is actually a place called Portland Illinois. It's an uincorporated place about two miles west of a place called Prophetsville, which is just east of the Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois interface.

Well done!