03 November 2007

[pdx, ZehnPhoteaux] Schmap!

1082. As I'd hoped, my photo of Jim & Patty's Coffee that was short-listed for the Portland Schmap! Guide was, in fact, used! Yay me!

The entry it illustrates is kind of...well...wrong. Notably. The text, credited to wcities, in a copyrighted entry I can't locate there, describes Coffee People, and gives the location as NW 23rd Ave. In fairness, it does make note that the chain was about 30 strong, but it's written in present-tense and, as any Portlander who knows their coffee knows, Stumptown's heart was broken a few years back when Diederich Coffee first bowdlerized then sold Coffee People to (shudder) Starbucks, largely wiping CP from the face of the planet.

I've sent feedback to Schmap!, let's see where that goes.

H/T also to Cary at Left Coast Ramblings, who had two of his photeaux used in Schmap!. Nifty!

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