02 November 2007

[pdx, pdx_media] Sam Adams Letter Means Almost $3K For Kids

1080. Mark & Dave have sold The Letter That Was Heard Round The World–the winning bidder, according to the KEX Brew-HaHa page, was Jim Hopkins of Accent Verticals, who had the winning bid of $1,475.90.

But wait, there's more...KEX's General Manager matched it, and the total going into the KEX Kids' Fund is going to be $2951.80. Which is skookum; some kids are going to get hearing aids and glasses that wouldn't've otherwise, just because of one legal eagle Back East who didn't do quite enough due diligence.

And, as a reminder, the Greatest. Poll. Evar., our little Sam Adams–Beer or Politican poll, closes at midnight tonight. Sam Adams–still a politican, according to our mighty readership.

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