21 November 2007

[pdx] Pop Quiz: Which Portland Is This?

1138. A web page about Portland tells us this about it:

Portland is on a lower latitude than Eugene, Oregon which is roughly 300 miles north of San Francisco

Say what?

What version of Portland could they possibly be talking about here?

Answer to come. In the meantime, make your guesses in the comments. Good luck.

UPDATE: The esteemable Isaac Lacquedem solved the riddle; this one is, of course, Portland, Maine. Bonus points here for deducing it from the text; it was copied directly, with no edits, from one of the pages on the City of Portland (ME) website. It could have been Googled, but you obviously used your considerable smarts to arrive at the conculsion. Good on you.

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Anonymous said...

It must be Portland, Maine, or the author wouldn't have to have inserted the word "Oregon" to identify where Eugene is. It could also be Portland, Illinois, which is at 41 degrees 39 minutes N, but no one talks about the latitude of Portland, Illinois in polite company.

-- Isaac Laquedem

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Right you are, Isaac. The text was copied verbatim from a page on the City of Portland (ME) website, and I found the way Portland ME used an Oregon city to give an idea of its position–but it was not the "other" Portland (which I'm sure is what they they think of US as).

but no one talks about the latitude of Portland, Illinois in polite company

That's okay. Company's not all that polite around here! B-)