06 November 2007

[web_design, ad_design] Another Ad Trend That Needs To Die Screaming

1094. Poorly-drawn flash-animated prostitutes selling mortgage re-fi's:

Well, what does she look like to you? I'm open to alternate suggestions, but in the ad she was walking slowly and always had her eye trained on the viewer.

Actually, any animated re-fi ad needs to die screaming. I'm surprised any firm has the stones to show its ad-face the way things are going economically; I've blurred out the name of the firm in the interests of decency; this bizarre ad should embarrass them enough, IMAO.

Is this what they have to do these days? It was merely irritating when they had dancing silhouettes, animated tattoos, and mock YouTube interfaces. I think lately I saw a little green alien guy in a trucker's outfit.

My guess is that it'll be Kahlil Gibran quotes next.

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