01 November 2007

[pdx] Fish Rape and Gossip: Fun With RottenNeighbor.com

1079. When we heard of RottenNeighbor.com, we figured this would quickly become a place to air out neighborhood dirty laundry – but we had no idea...

Got to the site, plugged in our address in lovely Baja Gresham, and was not too surprised what came up – the farther into what was once well-(and incorrectly)known as "East County" the more there were complaints that pretty much fell into the "white trash-y" category. You know – big families with uncontrolled kids, "stacks of abandoned cars", that sort of thing.

Casting our net a little wider, we found a couple of real interesting gems. Now, you Wood Villagers, I don't know what you guys been doing, but you sure have urinated in someone's Cheerios™* at some point:

Apparently it's just one big episode of Desperate Housewives out there, you people!

This next one I blame on gay marriage, society in general, and teenagers mixing Mentos and Diet Coke:

This could go a long way toward explaining why Dr P. didn't give the city the whole island. Or maybe it doesn't. Just throwing that one out there.

* The ZehnKatzen Times has no connection to General Mills or Cheerios, of which is a registered trademark. We also do not recommend anyone urinating in anyone's breakfast cereal. This would be wrong.

(h/t to ...and this Paddle Game for inspiring me to check out RottenNeighbor.com. The above absurdity we found on our own)

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