20 November 2007

[liff] Favorite T-Shirt Seen at OryCon 29: All Your Unix...

1135. Every so often, a t-shirt seen at OryCon sticks with us for being wicked clever smart funny. See our winner for OryCon 27 here. This one will similarly stick with us:

chown -R us ./base

A translation, for those who don't speak one of the many Unixy OSs out there:

  • chown is a command that allows you to change ownership of a file or directory.
  • -R is a command line switch that means recursive, and tells chown that if the thing to be chowned is a directory (folder) to also chown everything in that folder and in the folders it contains.
  • us is the user name of the user we want to change ownership to.
  • ./base is the name of the folder.

The translation, of course: All Your Base Are Belong To Us. Who says the joke is dead?

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