12 November 2007

[liff] The Quiet World On Monday

1110. Veterans Day looks like it's going to be quiet around here. Time to reflect. I'm starting a week of vacation time in anticipation of OryCon 29, an event me and my The Wife™ have attended together since OryCon 9, so that's...hmm, lessee...yeah – seven years. So, today, a few thoughts:

  • I automatically assume everyone supports the troops. I may find some people's views of what "supporting the troops" are might be quite misguided, but I take it as read that it comes from a sincere desire to actually support them. So, from here on out, I will not assume that people who don't agree with me that adequate medical care without question for them, adequate assistance for permanently-disabled vets, and job and housing opportunities in concert with thier considerable sacrifice should be but a fait accompli for them are not in favor of supporting the troops. I will question the sanity of anyone who supports anyone who is apparently working against the needs of our troops and veterans, either actively or passively.
  • In concert with the above, it will no longer be necessary to ever say around these parts anything resembling "I support our troops, but..." Of course you do. As I said, this is taken for granted.
  • Today is Veterans Day, Under the climate of current events, however, every day is Memorial Day.
  • We are still looking for street sign pictures. Send them hence.
  • NaBloPoMo is almost halfway over. If you've made it this far, you can make it the rest of the way. PUSH IT!
  • We will get underway with examining the history of KPTV's logo in the next couple of posts, most likely, thanks to permssion from the webmonster (Ronald L. Dunevant) of Yesterday's KPTV to borrow logos. We're really looking forward to putting this one together.
  • More pictures coming up.
  • Technorati authority up to 42. Nifty!

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