05 November 2007

[net_life] Site Pal: Just Too Damn Creepy

1089. The bell/whistle known as "SitePal"–that little embed that will talk to you from a web page and follow your mouse cursor around–has, for a while now, been the definition to me of wretched excess.

In a way, in the web design view, I'm a "less is more" person. If I want someone to talk to me, I find a person. I don't want my web pages to talke to me.

Since in our world too much never seems to be enough anymore, SitePal hasn't rested on its laurels; they've given them shading and made them look even more animatronic–and kiiiiinda creepy, too. Check the illo. She–s'cuse me, it–looks Minnie Driver-ish. She even speaks in a soft British accent.

It would be kind of worth it if it let me cross its eyes by moving the mousing over the bridge of the nose, but no, it ain't playing that game no more.

And she's going to haunt my nightmares, I just know it.

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