01 November 2007

[logo_design] Is This The New Holiday Inn Great Sign?

1077. In my explorations of the Holiday Inn "Great Sign" I saw, from time to time, hints that they were going to bring it back in some form or another–an "updated Great Sign" which implored the traveller to "Relax...it's Holiday Inn" was mentioned but I could never find an example of this creature, despite much Googling strongly suggesting that more than one had been put up.

Then, trying just one more time, I was led to a post at this blog, whose writer snapped a pic of a rather amusingly worded directions card for their "Wireless" (note, these are not unnecessary quotes) Intermet service. The appearance of this sign as the illustration seems more than coincidence.

It's not the Great Sign of old but it's an improvement over the modern look. Just retro enough, and you can't beat a classic look like this.

Seriously ladies and gents, he noted an amazing funny there. Surf over and see it (least I can do to thank him for posting this so I could nick a screenshot from part of it is to peel off a little of my traffic and send it his way). The man knows humor when he sees it.

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The Gentleman Agitator said...

Sorry, we cannot relax anymore. They've taken our Holiday Inn and blanded the brand into something that looks like a gas station logo. I doubt we will ever see those nice modern "great signs", nor the classic wordmark again.


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I fear that you are right. It looks very much like the company is intent on proceeding; I did notice the new Holiday Inn Express "logo" on Under Consideration.

I don't dislike the new logo, but the more opinion I see the more my mind is changing that this maybe is a road they ought not have traveled down.

And so it goes.