08 November 2007

[urban_design] San José, Then and Now

1100. A nifty thing found today; A PDF file comparing San José, California, in 1975 to SJC today (clicking the link will cause your browser to either display the PDF or download it; it's a 4.9 MB file)

While I am most certainly a child of Oregon and am, I think, justly impressed with the way overall we Oregonians have guided our state's growth, I don't think we have the patent on it. Particularly delightful is the way San José has come forward–from a dowdy town of dreary vistas to a funky place full of interesting street scapes, if the PDF is any indication.

But it would be a still be a stretch to make this content relevant to my blog were it not for pages 31 and 32, which is of SJ's branch of Portland's own Old Spaghetti Factory, at 51 N. San Pedro St, a/k/a San Pedro Square latterly. The difference is amazing.

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