11 November 2007

[pdx, pdx_transit] New TriMetTV Episode: Up-Close and Personal

1107. TriMet has just dropped a new episode of TriMetTV, and it's taking the vodcast series in the direction I was hoping it would. If it stays on its current route, it's going to be a good ride.

This epsiode, "A Day In The Life of A TriMet Bus Operator", gives a glimpse into a day on the job with Dave Maier, who is credited as being a part-time operator (which is the level the junior drivers are at, if the TriMet job openings are any indication). He hits the high points of his day, introduces us to a bit or two of the technology he uses (I always wondered how the vehicle keeps track of on-time performance, and that BDS card looks like it's the thing).

I really enjoyed the following quote:

It's a democratizing kind of an experience to be driving along and picking up all of society and taking them where they need to go. And experiencing people that I might never have a chance to come in contact with.

"People persons" ("People people?") tend to enjoy this sort of job the most. I've ridden transit, in Portland and Salem ever since high school. A driver who likes people becomes a welcome stabilizer in an uncertain world; Dave strikes me as that sort of person.

Once again, clocking in at under three minutes, it's a brief and pleasant diversion. And bravo to TriMet for making it pretty entertaining so far.

Go here to watch TriMetTV episode 5. Subscription info is available on the page. They'll even email'em to you – such a deal!

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