28 November 2007

[liff] Nobody's Ever Said What That Makes Idaho

1157. Ever since Stephen Colbert declared Oregon "Idaho's Portugal", I've had a bit of trouble wrestling with this metaphor. Oregonlive.com has seen fit to lift this geographic slight (and get a few hits of Colbert's name, but hey–so am I) with the ad clipped at right (h/t Nonprofit Girl).

My point is, if Oregon is Idaho's Portugal, then Idaho should be Oregon's Spain (Calfornia and Washington are Oregon's USA, if you apply the Colbertian metaphor the other way).

But Idaho is a poor stand-in as anyone's Spain. I mean, can you picture someone in Eagle going down into Boise for tapas? No, I can't either.

And just what is up with that little yellow alien by the word Oregon fnord?

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Nonprofitgirl said...

My question, exactly! Spain seems inappropriate. My housemate and I spent a while looking at a world map last night, trying to come up with a vaguely small and uh, irrelevant country to the EAST of something. No luck.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

That's probably because, as far as Yurpeen colonization goes, we're The Official End Of The Road™.

After us, 7000 miles of Pacific Ocean, then China. That was already taken up. And Hawai'i already had a civilization complete with a royalty.

If there was just a little more continent, we'd maybe have something we'd be more important than, but no. C'est la guerre, mon cher.