28 November 2007

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1156. And now, a song of Channel Threes. This post is in fond memoriam of KVDO Channel 3, Salem, which broadcast from 14 Feb 1970 to 19 Feb 1976 as Salem's local independent TV station (after Feb 1976 it was broacasting OPB content, and we're including that period when that disgruntled viewer cut down the Channel 3 transmission tower). So, after a brief 30-second (or 60-second, if you can afford it) pause to reflect, we'll move on.

There. You know, it just occurred to me–does anyone have any KVDO ephemera? If you scan it and send it here, I'll be happy to post that. Anyway, without further ado ... Let's tune in across the country to Channel 3 ...

On Cable Channel 3 in Longmont, Colorado–The Longmont Channel:

I thought it was cool the way someone did a little design job just for their local cable channel.

Acadiana's News Channel, KATC, Lafayette, LA:

KBTX, Channel 3, College Station/Bryan Texas. They sure do know how to work that Lone Star down there:

KCRA, Channel 3, Sacramento. The old style TV-screen-shaped frame around the 3 reminds me of the way channel listings used to look in the old TV Guide:

And they've been using, legend says, that tagline for literally decades, so no copycatting off KGW here.

A particularly burly 3 (as many are) is sported by KESQ, Channel 3, Palm Springs CA:

KEYT Channel 3, Santa Barbara CA, distinguishes itself with a brief, staccato tagline–and another flat-topped 3:

And, of course, the KIDK (Idaho Falls/Pocaltello) update, which I've commented on:

KIEM News Channel 3, Eureka CA:

KIII Channel 3, Corpus Christi TX (one of the damned coolest call-signs one could ever get, is what I think. You can also say it as "K ai-yi-yi", if you want. And, of course, an appearance by that Texas staple, the Lone Star:

KIMT Channel 3, covering southeastern Minnesota and Northeastern Iowa (the IMT seem to stand for Iowa Minnesota Television:

KMTV, Channel 3, Omaha:

KTBS, Channel 3, Shreveport. They're on your side too. And it was already getting crowded in here from all the Channel 2's that are on your side. We're going to have to build an addition to the house:

KTVO, Channel 3, Ottumwa Iowa. My instructors in GD might have had a problem with the vertical type, but it does lead the eye to the top of the 3, which directs the eye back down to the ABC logo, which gets you back to the K where you do it all over again:

KVBC Channel 3, Las Vegas, gives us what looks like a very unhappy 3 that was a 7 before it had a disabling accident. This 3 is angry. Might have a history of violent behavior. Fear this 3:

KYTV, Channel 3, Springfield MO, has a very sophisticated look to it:

WAVE Channel 3, Louisville KY, likes them the gradients:

With the big blue CBS peeking out at you from behind the huge 3 of WBTV, Charlotte, NC, I get mixed emotions; either CBS is sneaking up on me to get the drop on me, or it's shy and has to hide. But the soft blue color and the way the 3 bleeds out of the design are quite strong:

And now, Vermont's own, WCAX, Channel 3, Burlington:

WEAR, Channel 3, Pensacola FL–Close to the sea, dont ya know (but nice consistency throughout on the type):

WFSB, Channel 3, Hartford CT or thereabouts–very slick, polished, and cool (and one of the few 3's that really rocks the circle):

Harrisonburg VA's WHSV obliques the 3 then puts it in a box:

WISC Channel 3, Madison WI, gives us another flat-topped 3 by way of Mondrian:

WKYC, Channel 3 Cleveland, draws a line from the top of the NBC peacock and takes a small sliver of the 3, which is actually quite an interesting approach:

WLBT Channel 3, Jackson MS:

WRBL Channel 3, Columbus GA, has a big open paren on one end:

And Channel 3, WRCB Chattanooga TN, seems to be going the KIDK/KBCI route, with the rectanula supporting shapes, and perspective view. Notice how the NBC peacock seems to turn up on the lower right hand side of the 3 when it's used?

Hang with us, boys and girls, the end is coming up...

WREG Channel 3 Memphis has an uninspired if effective approach:

As does WSAZ Channel 3, Huntington WV. However, they do get bonus points for using something resembling Eurostile:

WSHM Channel 3, Springfield MA, is up in your face with the Eye:

WSIL, Channel 3, apparently based in Harrisburg IL. Serving southern Illinois (S. IL) and southeastern MO (and puts the ABC logo in the same place as WHSV does):

WSTM Channel 3, Syracuse NY, has both cliches–the flat-topped 3 and the peacock on on the lower right of the 3:

WTKR Channel 3 delivers the news to Newport News (as well as the whole Hampton Roads area of Virginia), and they're taking action, thank God:

The flat-topped 3 is a bit Peignot-ish, which is an interesting twist, and lives in a circle, which is kind of counter-intuitive given the angularity of it. But they're taking action (did I mention?) anyway, so that's okay.

WWilmington NC gives us WWAY, Channel 3. I wonder how anyone gets anything done with all this news channeling going on. But at least they got the network logo in the expected place:

From now on to us, "coverage you can count on" will refer to the area the network logo covers on the numeral. It always seems to be the same place ...

And lastly (I told you you were almost done) we have WWMT, channeling news in Kalamazoo, MI, and took their inspriation from a UNO card, maybe:

And that's a song of Three ...

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