05 November 2007

[pdx] Local Progressive Radio Host Hates Envronment: Official

1088. Thom Hartmann has won the hearts of progressives all over Portland since coming to town a couple of years back. But what of his dark side?

Thank Exxon that the Post-Times-Sun-Dispatch is on the case:

The Post Times Sun Dispatch has learned that Fox News is going to air a half-hour documentary called Thom Hartmann: Environmental Hypocrite and His Secret War Against Trees, in which the Air America talk show host is accused of promoting environmental friendly positions but then authoring a string of books that needed a slew of trees to be harvested for paper.

Thom Hartmann: Enviromental Hypocrite Bastid? Get the facts at PTSD and you decide (we're all going to be PTSD at some point in the next few years anyway).

(NB: Illo nicked wholesale from here)

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The Other One said...

Fixed Noise is so insidious, I actually thought this was real. My first thought was like, "When will it end?"

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

I wouldn't put it past them. That crap sells. I bet you there are people in a tract home or a trailer park somewhere (disclaimer–I've lived in trailer parks three times in my life) who heard about this and are scouring thier TiVO listings, wondering if some damn liberal complaining got them to to take it off the air.

I first heard Thom reading it on his own show, so the tipoff was there from the start, but the writer hit all the bases in coming up with this satire, so I had to say "hey...waitaminnit..."