11 November 2007

[liff] Actually, It's A Case Of The Law Of Fives

1108. Much is made of the so-called "11:11" phenomenon, especially on 11/11 (or 11.11, or 11.XI if you prefer).

My good friend, Episkopos Half-a-Buck Dharma, KSC pH 7.0 (he of the Greater Portland Yellow TaxiCabal) prefers a different interpretation: he, as all Discordians do, see it as a manifestation of the Law of Fives:

It troo! It troo! Do you not see that the four figures plus the punctuation mark make five? The elvenses are missing the point, as people are won't to do. The 1's aren't what matter, but the gestalt does. As someone much luckier than I have said, the Law of Fives is more evident the harder I look.

We couldn't expound on it any better. I'm not sure we could, or would if we could.

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