18 April 2021

Looking Down SW 4th Avenue, ca 2009


I've been looking for this one for a little while, and this is essentially a bit more of the throwback action I've also been doing latterly.

In 2009, the city wasn't being changed as swiftly as it its now; I suppose if I took this photo again today there may be obvious changes, But, as from a pleasant memory, this is a look northward down SW 4th Avenue, downtown Portland, at about SW Mill St. The small Gothic-ish brick construction on the left there is part of Saint Mary's Academy, and the centerpieces are the Portland Plaza condo tower, center left, and the Wells Fargo Tower, center right.

Both were a little iconoclastic for their day; The Portland Plaza (1975) for being weird before Portland liked weird (weird before weird was cool? Totally Portland, yo) and the Wells Fargo for being bland (and those people are sad and wrong and no you should not engage me on this) but these are two signature bits of Portland skyline and I love them dearly and I will fight you.

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